Classical Homeopathy is successful in treating the following problems:

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Ever feel like you're not being heard by your healthcare provider? It's time to try something different. Try a Registered Certified Classical Homeopath.

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Treat yourself with the holistical approach: emotional, mental, and physical symptoms are all alleviated with one remedy. Do you have trouble sleeping? Chronic health complaints? Seasonal flu and colds? Does the stress and strain of every day life get you down? Tired of taking pills that don't help? Are you suppressing your problems or fixing them?

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This website is to introduce not only new clients to homeopathy, but also to keep past and present clients aware of issues in health that may be of interest. There are articles about pertinent issues, and links to other websites, schools, homeopathic pharmacies, and books. Please check out the other webpages for items of interest.

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