Renita Herrmann,
Classical Homeopath, CCH,
RsHom(NA), MS

About Renita

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After becoming interested in the alternative medicine field while still an airline pilot, I studied during layovers and received my MS in Natural Health (summa cum laude), but I felt I still did not understand homeopathy, and it intrigued me. Signing up for a four-year program at the Institute of Classical Homeopathy, I thought I would finish a year or so, and be satisfied. No such luck.

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Homeopathy had me in its thrall. The four years went by so fast, I could scarcely believe I was done. With 2 years of clinical experience under my belt, I volunteered at a local San Francisco clinic once a week, for lack of something to do with my newfound skills. I worked at the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center from 2005 - 2013. As I gathered clients, I realized how valuable this modality, homeopathy, can be. I never looked back. I have seen it do things I never thought possible, and have learned so much since my Master's Degree. I have done research for my PhD in the field of sleep, and feel it is one of my specialties. I have also been trained in CEASE Therapy for autism, as the number of autistic children I treat continues to climb.

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I am the founder and was the Executive Director, and Board Member of the Homeopathy Institute of the Pacific (HIP) until May 2013. HIP operates homeopathy clinics that are free, and mainly benefit the homeless and veterans. The first clinic at the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center was begun in March 2005 within the medical clinic. It has subsequently expanded. The purpose and mission statement of HIP is to bring homeopathy to a wider audience. HIP offers local clinics to the public, clinical experience and training to new homeopaths, as well as seminars and other opportunities for expanding their practice. On my own, I see veterans in my office at a steep discount, in honor of their service.

HIP welcomes volunteers!

Registered Member of NASH National Center for Homeopathy link SelfGrowth link

About the Office

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Being committed to caring for the environment has always been important to me. The office has a very low carbon footprint; both locations run on solar energy. I have always used solar in Willits, and I installed solar panels in 2000 in San Francisco. Nothing in the office is wasted, and no toxins are used for cleaning. Organic teas are offered during office visits, and composted. The flowers are composted onsite, the paper products are 100% recycled materials. Organic handtowels are used in the bathrooms and washed onsite with environmentally friendly detergent, with no scents or added colors.

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Homeopathic remedies also have a very low carbon footprint. The medicines that make up homeopathic remedies use very little material. The bottles are recycled, and there is no waste.


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